How It Works

Central to our system is the high-quality stainless steel identification bracelet. We made painstaking efforts to find the highest quality material for our bracelets. They are 14 inches long and 5/8ths of an inch wide, designed to be placed around the ankle of the deceased. A unique tracking number is embossed into the steel, providing a permanent identification marker never to be duplicated on another bracelet. The ends of the bracelet self-lock, allowing only for tightening. The product can never be loosened or removed. Equally as important is the fact that the bracelet can withstand temperatures within normal crematory operating conditions, ensuring that it will endure the cremation process.

The strategic design of the bracelet is complemented by the Universal Identification System process, which includes:

  • Copies of a certificate listing the unique tracking number and decedent's name being distributed to the funeral home, crematory and family of the deceased.
  • Bracelet being placed in the urn along with the cremated remains.
  • An adhesive label listing the tracking number and decedent's name to be placed on the casket/alternative container.
  • Funeral director inspection to ensure that the tracking numbers on the certificate and bracelet match.
  • Urn being returned to the family of the deceased with full confidence and assurance that their loved one's remains were handled and processed correctly.